Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snow day

We are sitting in the middle of our 2nd snow day:

The only one brave enough to walk outside was pink-sheep-girl. (How cute is she? I begged my sister for one almost daily since I first saw them. I figured there have got to be benefits to her being married to a furniture man, right?)
With highways, schools, clinics, and malls closing (and my Dad still at work, showing that a pastors job never ends), my boys and I settled into a fun snow day yesterday:

Some yummy pumpkin bubble bath (a gift from my sister), a yoyo that Q has attached to his hand, a favorite movie, and my new creation - the happy sock. These are being knit for my bottle buddy. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Child's play and the stitch pattern (which I found in a really old knitting dictionary) is called St. John's Wort, making these the happy socks. hehe.
Favorite part of the day: watching our mailman drive up to the mailbox, pull out a hammer and whack the mailbox in order to break the ice that had frozen it shut.
I also finished M's 'keep-me-warm-in-this-crazy-cold-climate-my-mom-makes-me-live-in' hat. Upon finding out that today was snow day #2 (that's right - no school again), getting him to pose was a bit more challenging:

(see all the snow in our courtyard?). Apparently snow day #2 is also known as must-practice-all-my-karate-moves day. Being a girl, I was not told this secret.
But being a girl, I could use my baking skills to get a somewhat still pose though:

This is the 2-second standing still pose that will get them brownies. In the background is hat #2. This one was knit with Encore Chunky. This time I did a provisional cast-on and knit the hat. Upon picking up the stitches to knit the bottom part, I discovered that the 2x2 ribbing was not going to smoothly transition, so there a few garter stitch rows in the middle of his hat.
(And Jessica, the best way to knit this hat I think, is to start top-down, start the ribbing either after you have all the stitches you need or I think it would look cool to start the ribbing closer to the eye opening. I measured how big I wanted each of the boys eye opening to be, then cast-off the appropriate amount of stitches and in the following row cast-on the same amount of stitches. Once the ribbing was a little below their chins, I decreased the stitches for the neck. Then once it was long enough, I cast-off and they had hats. If you want a clearer pattern, let me know.)
The last picture I'll show is my new haircut. After my brother's wife told me she cut her own hair, I hoped she would have time this past Thansgiving to cut mine. I do believe that this is Z's hidden talent. She did a way better job than anybody else has ever done:

It's been so long since I've had a good cut, don't my curls look glad to be free? Thank you Z!!


Blogger Brianne said...

Can I just say that I'm terribly jealous of your hair?! My sister has beautiful curly hair, only slightly tighter than yours, and I've always wanted it. I have hair that won't even hold a perm for more than 2 weeks. Yeesh!

By the way, I love the happy sock. It's cheerful and the colors make me smile. :)

12:39 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Your hair looks fantastic! I wish my birds nest of unruly waves and curls would look as good as yours after a cut. ;-) Your SIL did a great job. The boys' hats are great! I had to laugh about the must practice karate moves day. Though we don't get snow here, I'll be sure to keep that in mind for when my son gets older and is home-bound. BTW, I guess it *is* true that the mailman delivers, rain, sleet, snow or hail, huh? :-)

5:11 PM  

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