Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Finally here are the socks I knit for my pal:

Look, 1 sock is showing off by standing on its own.

Knit with Cherry Tree Hill yarn, using lace addi circs in size 1 (oh yes, I finally own lace addis!! And I do love them very, very much), in 3x1 ribbing, toe-up, & short-row heels. They took much longer due to not being able to knit as much after my fall. (I'm still having neck issues...ick). Now comes the wait to see if my pal likes them. I'm always so nervous during this time!

I'm so glad I joined sockapalooooza! I adore my socks my pal knit for me & I do enjoy picking out the yarn, knitting the socks, & the hopeful enjoyment my pal will get from my socks too. These exchanges are the only chance I get to have someone knit me socks! And the 2 previous pairs I've gotten have become my most favorite, as will the new (how exciting!! New socks ready for the fall weather to arrive!) pair. Thank you Allison for running this! And thank you to my pal for patiently waiting for your socks! (I'll update with her blog once she's gotten them).


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