Saturday, August 25, 2007

Look what I did!!

Tomorrow my baby turns 9. I'll be trying hard not to cry. Seriously 9? And he'll be starting 4th grade! Oh my.

One of the things I wanted to make him for his birthday was a pillow case. The idea came from one of my times drooling over Etsy goodies. I haven't sewn in years, but finally got an awesome vintage sewing machine (I should take pictures!) & with my mothers help got it going. So tonight I sat down & sewed my 1st project in years:

A pillow case. I really did it! And I'm home alone, so there is no one to show it to. But look, I did it! Just looked at my pillow case & went for it. I used yummy fleece found in the leftover bin at a craft store & a little bit of the fleece I use to patch the boys holes in their jeans. The only oops (I have found so far & I'm sure there are many more) is this:

I guess M will be offering free advertising to the night fairies. (or who visits boys at night? night superheros?). Oops. But I did it! I made a pillow case!



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