Thursday, September 28, 2006

Breathing again...

With the first steps towards a big life change for my household done, I can finally breath a bit more. I have lots of catching up to do.. a meme from Angelika (Wie gehts?), e-mails to return, and pictures to take of Yarn Aboard that just made it to my house (!!!).

But first a FO: A quick gift for a child hood friend who had a birthday last week.
It's the Arrowhead shawl (again) from Interweave Knits. This time I knit it with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the beautiful Goldhill colorway.

I only had 1 skein in my stash & was pleasantly surprised to see how much I love the colors with this pattern. And since this only took a couple of days to knit, it proved to be the perfect quick gift.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

N is for New

N is for New..

New school year for the boys:

How did they get to be this big? Seriously, 3rd & 4th grade? And they keep getting cuter.

New socks for me:
Yummy socks. The yarn was given to me by my knitting buddy (she picked it up while in Vegas). The yarn is Trekking XXL, color #107. The colors reminded me of Strawberry shortcake & girl-hood days. They are knit toe-up, short-row heel, using the magic-loop method, size 2.5mm needles, & 3x1 ribbing. I love, love these socks. Thank you Maureen!

New Knitter:
My sister-in-law started knitting!! There is a knitter in my family now. I wish we lived closer so we could knit together more. Isn't this like a dream come true for knitters? And look what her first project is:
Socks for my brother. Knit with Trekking XXL (that she picked out herself, the girl has got great taste). She is farther along now, perhaps even done with the first sock?

New things sure are fun.

Friday, September 01, 2006

M is for M

M, my youngest son, turned 8 this past week. We celebrated with a quick trip which included:

Legoland! Every boys dream? If you look beyond M & Q racing their legocars you can see my favorite coffee shop. (Every Mommy's dream)

Z even created something:

M got to meet Legoman (this is where I show my obvious boy knowledge ignorance, since I'm sure legoman has a name):

And thanks to Deanna (who called everywhere until she found low-carb flour), M got a low-carb cake. What do other diabetic kids do? His Uncle Mark put a trick candle on his cake, which made M a little nervous.

And what does every boy need for his birthday? Handknit socks from Mom:

See the purple in them? We're calling them Viking socks. (I got the yarn in a grab bag. It didn't have a tag, so I don't know what brand it is.)

So M is for M, my youngest who is growing up too fast.