Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer fun

I did a little bit of updating of my sidebar today. I didn't realize it was that long overdue! There are alot of finished items I need to take pictures of & post here.

So I'll start with one that went to my knitting buddy Maureen:

It's Elspeth from Rowan 37. The yarn is from a recycled sweater (Lambswool/nylon). It was a really fun knit & went quicker than I thought. I did the crochet edging a bit tight, so I'd change that next time. It fits Maureen perfectly & I'm thrilled that she likes it!

Check out these gorgeous flowers my friend had delivered to me on my birthday:

I can't stop drooling over them! This year I was also able to use my 'birthday' teapot with my traditional birthday cake my Mom makes for me every year:


And just because here are my sons swimming in a friends pool this past weekend:

Aren't they cute? And um, speaking of cute.... this summer marks the start of little girls calling our house. Is there a support group for Moms to help us deal with this stuff?

Friday, June 22, 2007

One of those days

This has been one of those days. At a very favorite retail store of mine today, I was given horrible customer service. While stopping at our pharmacy I witnessed some dispute that involved a few cop cars, what looked to be a social worker, & a 2 year old child running around the parking lot. Later while trying to discuss an incident with someone who supervises the program my kids are involved in, I was railroaded to someone else & they had no idea why I (the mother!!!) would want to get involved since everything was 'under control'. And when I sat down to upload pictures of my birthday yesterday (Jessica, I'm so impressed you remembered! Happy Birthday to you too), my camera refused to cooperate with my computer.

Thank goodness these days don't happen often. I can easily give my money to the store that will respect me. I can be thankful my home life is peaceful. I can continue insisting that I am included when it comes to my child (I am the one raising him for pete's sake). And I can blog about my most amazing birthday when I have more patience to figure out why my camera & computer are not talking to each other at the moment.

Happy weekend! I'm going to work on doing some random acts of kindness!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We are busy enjoying summer, which includes lots of rain so far. Here's M riding his bike to his 1st day of the local summer park program. (He's got his backpack full of his diabetic stuff under his sweatshirt).

Crafty posts coming soon...