Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We have been home for a few days now. M has been recovering much faster than expected (power of prayer!) & his doctor was merciful in allowing us to go home early & finish some of the education/testing on an out-patient service. And the best part of this exhausting week is that M is looking & acting like himself again. Thank you so much to everyone who left comforting comments! I still cry everytime someone says kind words to us. I think seeing your child go through so much takes alot out of a Mom. My brain still has not processed everything.
The learning process is not as overwhelming as I thought & M is quite the trouper. He has occasional moments where he expresses his sadness, but mostly he is busy enjoying feeling better. I'm trying to organize things at home to help us both. A part of this process is bagging & marking his foods with carb counts so he can help get his meals ready & start counting his carbs too. (this is how we know how much insulin to give him after each meal). Thankfully the things M was used to eating will not have to change much. Q is the one who loves chips, candy, & all the things that are much more limited to M now. (everybody was surprised to hear that M eats oatmeal for breakfast every day & spinach is eaten regularly around here).
And today we are planning on sitting down & watching a movie together (sitting! relaxing! I've forgotten what that feels like). This means that I can work on my sockapooolza socks some more too. How exciting is it that we are so close to the mailing day!
(the picture of M & Q is from Sunday. I now realize I'm thankful I don't have a picture of him in the ICU with IVs & other things hooked up to his body. He doesn't look too bad for a kid who was incredibly close to a coma & had collapsed veins just 2 days before! A moment before both boys had been laughing, I think I caught them at a serious moment in the movie...hehe.)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


M is in the hospital. He was admitted in the ICU with what we now know is diabetes & dehydration. He is recovering faster than expected, but will remain in the hospital for awhile. I'm so grateful he is going to be ok. And now we start the learning process of a changed lifestyle.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sweater time

Q's sweater & hat are done! The pattern is Max from Junior Knits (by Debbie Bliss). Yarn is Plymouth Encore (thank you Secret Pal again for the yarn rescue!!). I knit it a little different than the pattern. I knit it in the round, then picked up stitches & knit the arms from the top down (decreasing to fit the # of stitches I had). I discovered that apparently zippers that separate aren't that common. Thank goodness that Hancock just received some 'spring' colors. I hand-sewed the zipper in myself, a move that shows how deep a mother's love really goes. It took forever. (bad close-up picture of the zipper). And I knit him a matching hat (made-up pattern). But when I heard him tell me he loves it, it's the best sweater I've made him, it was all soooo worth it. And check out the stunt that he did for me!
And just because he is so cute too, there's a picture of M wearing his own hand-knit by Mommy sweater & hat. He's also wearing 'pretend' (umm, Target) birks. How cute are they! The look on his face is due to the fact that he is still not feeling well. Poor guy. Although I have enjoyed the so-rare-now-days cuddles with him this past week. They grow up too fast!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A new way home

It's way past my bedtime & M is very, very sick. But when I saw these pictures my parents e-mailed me, I had to show them. In one my Mom is standing in front of her (& my Dad's) driveway, which is now part-lake. In the next you can see her getting a ride to her house from their neighbors. My sons & I are hoping to visit them tomorrow & join the 'adventure', but I think Q will be the only one to go. (M's still battling 102 fever. Tomorrow will be day#3, according to the doctor, this fever/virus lasts for 5 days.)
And the knitting pics: my Dad bought himself a new spring jacket & I happened to have yarn that matched. So Opa got a new hat. In the pics you can see Q modeling it. The yarn is Plymouth Encore, knit on size 7 needles. My pattern, 2x2 ribbing, 84 sts (I think).

Sunday, April 02, 2006

F is for Flood

I had many ideas of what I was going to write about for the letter F. But the last few days have brought flooding to the area & that
is a fascinating twist that must be blogged about. Right?
Wednesday evening both my basement & my parents basement flooded. (see Miss Thang standing by the water in my house?)
Thankfully both houses are now dry
and we hope they stay that way!
On the way home from the library
today, my sons & I decided to check out the river. We were surprised at how high the Red river is now. Aren't the pictures amazing? Seems surreal. (I'm about 3-4 blocks from the river, so my house should be ok.)
Knitting updates will come this week. A great treat this week was getting Claudia's ex-yarn! Thank you Claudia!