Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Finally here are the socks I knit for my pal:

Look, 1 sock is showing off by standing on its own.

Knit with Cherry Tree Hill yarn, using lace addi circs in size 1 (oh yes, I finally own lace addis!! And I do love them very, very much), in 3x1 ribbing, toe-up, & short-row heels. They took much longer due to not being able to knit as much after my fall. (I'm still having neck issues...ick). Now comes the wait to see if my pal likes them. I'm always so nervous during this time!

I'm so glad I joined sockapalooooza! I adore my socks my pal knit for me & I do enjoy picking out the yarn, knitting the socks, & the hopeful enjoyment my pal will get from my socks too. These exchanges are the only chance I get to have someone knit me socks! And the 2 previous pairs I've gotten have become my most favorite, as will the new (how exciting!! New socks ready for the fall weather to arrive!) pair. Thank you Allison for running this! And thank you to my pal for patiently waiting for your socks! (I'll update with her blog once she's gotten them).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our family

How cute are we? (you can get your stick family here).

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Look what I did!!

Tomorrow my baby turns 9. I'll be trying hard not to cry. Seriously 9? And he'll be starting 4th grade! Oh my.

One of the things I wanted to make him for his birthday was a pillow case. The idea came from one of my times drooling over Etsy goodies. I haven't sewn in years, but finally got an awesome vintage sewing machine (I should take pictures!) & with my mothers help got it going. So tonight I sat down & sewed my 1st project in years:

A pillow case. I really did it! And I'm home alone, so there is no one to show it to. But look, I did it! Just looked at my pillow case & went for it. I used yummy fleece found in the leftover bin at a craft store & a little bit of the fleece I use to patch the boys holes in their jeans. The only oops (I have found so far & I'm sure there are many more) is this:

I guess M will be offering free advertising to the night fairies. (or who visits boys at night? night superheros?). Oops. But I did it! I made a pillow case!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Lace design

So a few weeks ago I had a very rare night out without my kids. My good friend & I ventured out to the street fair that was going on & I had hopes of finding the new yarn shop I had heard rumors of. Well not only did I find the shop, but a couple days later the owner called & asked if I wanted to work there! And so begin my dream job, a job I wouldn't have applied for, but one that has so enriched my life. The owner is wonderful, the shop gorgeous, & the yarn so very yummy. And I must take pictures of the sample sock I knit with Tofutsies. A dream to knit with!

Well, this fall I will also be teaching some classes. One of them being a lace class. I wanted to design some lace that looked a bit 'North Dakotaisch'. I liked the idea of it looking like snow falling. And a design that could be a scarf or turned into a cute little purse. I'll spare all the swatches of those until later. But today I had an idea to add a 3rd option to the pattern:

It would be more of a triangle shawl. This is just a little swatch & still needs to tweaked. (and I realize it's hard to see with the blue monopoly towel & bad lighting, but I think you can still get the idea). Any thoughts?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get pictures up. Life took an unexpected adventure that left little time to do much else.

But here are my beautiful socks:

The socks are made with Socks that Rock yarn (my first experience with this yarn!) & are so very yummy. And look at the card! It's gorgeous too.

Why must taking pictures of your feet be so hard?

Aren't the socks perfect? I really, really love them. Everything about them.

And to completely spoil me, my pal included this Opal yarn inspired by an Austrian artist!

Thank you to my pal for the most perfect, yummy socks & goodies. (She did include sugar-free candy that got eaten by M before I had a chance to take pictures.) And thank you Alison for putting this together again.

Coming soon: pictures of the socks I knit, many FO's, M's major haircut, & the exciting news that I now work in a yarn shop!

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Friday, August 10, 2007

My socks came!

My socks came & they are gorgeous & amazing & perfect! And my pal sent me yarn inspired by an Austrian artist, as well as sugar-free candy.

I'm running out the door to see my chiropractor again (fell last weekend & ended up with a dislocated jaw, a slight concussion, & a messed up neck..yuck. Thank God for my amazing chiropractor!). I will update this post with pictures of my socks & the other goodies. In the mean time check out my pal's picture of her knitting my socks.

My socks are famous!