Saturday, October 28, 2006

Golden birthdays are fun....

My little brother had his golden birthday this past week. We had a little birthday party at my house (with yummy ice cream cake). One of his presents was a scarf knit by me:
It's the blue thing he is half modeling. It was knit in basketweave, using Woolease (the thicker version), & size 15 needles. Quick knit & hopefully warm. I think he liked it. Boys just do not gush like us girls, do they?

Monday, October 23, 2006

It's the little things...

Life has been busy around here. So when I went into the kitchen, looked at the fridge & saw this:
I was left speechless. (It says 'Mommy you rock'). How did I ever get to be such a lucky Mom?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Drake adventures

While Sir Francis Drake was here visiting us, he insisted on being taken around town. We were easily swayed & took him to a few of our favorite spots.

We started with a trip to my old stomping grounds:
We may have parked illegally & ran to snap this picture. Sir Drake was rumored to be a bit of a pirate, which might explain why he encouraged that bit of risk taking.

Our next stop was a favorite hangout of ours:
We love the library & I think Sir Drake was impressed with how nice our librarians are.

Feeling a bit adventurous, the boys & I took Sir Drake to our river:
Look it's dark & we are out! This is the Red River. It separates Moorhead (Minnesota) & Fargo (North Dakota). The boys & Sir Drake jumped back & forth between state lines a few times.

Venturing out some more, we took Sir Drake to my parents house:
The live right next to a horse farm. This is as close as Sir Drake got to riding anything though. He was also very impressed with my Dad's carrots:
Are they bigger than Sir Drake? After this we send Sir Drake off to more adventures.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Socktoberfest has begun! I thought this may be a good time to show you socks that I knit before & have yet to blog about. Here are a pair I made for Q this summer. I did blog about them, but somehow the post just disappeared.

Here they are being modeled by Q, who is in a very, very silly mood today. The yarn in Meilenweit Cotton (thank you Maureen!). They were knit my usual way: toe-up, magic-loop, short-row heels & toes, 64sts, size 1 Addis. I made the leg a bit shorter since they were 'summer' socks. It kinda looks like his foot grew a tiny bit too, doesn't it?

And finally, I was tagged. 5 weird things about me:
1. I like my house to be clean, but if my knitting area is too clean I can't get comfy. In other words, I need a slight mess to be able to create. (and creating causes a mess, so usually this is not a problem..hehe).
2. I can't sleep well unless there is a 'white' noise in the room. (when my sister pulled out her fan for me before I came to visit, I knew she really loved me. Mel, is that the acts of service love language?)
3. I have a pillow I like to sleep with every night. I'm not sure why. I even take my pillow on trips with me & have passed this onto my sons, who now also take their pillows on trips with them.
4. I can not leave my house for days & be ok with it.
5. If I'm stressed, walking the aisle of Target will calm me. (except if there are lots of people there. I hate crowds).

I'll tag whoever has not done this yet & wants to reveal what makes them odd. hehe

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yarn Aboard!

Look what came to my house last week! Yarn Aboard's Sir Francis Drake with treasures:

The goodies he brought came from Sherrill. Look at the yummy sock yarn! Sherrill included some Meilenweit, Regia, & Sock it to me!. Also included was some Organic chocolate (very yummy), some Gummi Bears (which were eaten very quickly), a cute notepad (will the flowers on it keep my boys from 'borrowing' it?), and a fun pattern (Tsunami Lace Sock).
Thank you so much Sherrill & Amanda! What a treat to get this in the mail this week! Sir Drake will be on his way to explore another home in the next couple of days. I hope to take him out on the town first & take pictures.