Sunday, May 11, 2008

New family member

Perhaps it's fitting to show you our newest family member on Mother's Day. He joined our family because of my love for my sons & their need for a buddy. Meet Bruce:

Or Bruce Wayne, also known as batdog. He hasn't quite mastered the art of smiling for the camera.

He is a 80lb puppy! And as you can see he is the only one who can actually wear my boys out.

I always thought I wasn't a dog person. Then I thought maybe I could live with a small dog. The boys picked up on that & started praying for a dog. And God heard them & sent us the perfect puppy. Very lovable, very playful, & completely in love with the boys. And surprisingly enough, I'm starting to fall for him too.

There is lots of knitting going on too. I'm loving spring/summer knitting & the yummy yarns. I love that I'll have 2 nieces very soon & all the cute things I must (& some I already have) knit for them. Fun times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I held out against getting a dog for a very, very long time. Then I finally, grudgingly, gave in. Now we have two; I can't imagine not having a dog. I've become a huge dog-lover! So beware--those puppies really can worm their way into your heart. :-)

7:12 AM  

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