Saturday, March 11, 2006

For the love of yarn....

A couple of weeks ago my Secret Pal saved me by sending me extra skeins for the sweater I'm knitting Q. I was blown away by how quickly she got the yarn to me & Q was blown away that she had send something that will (eventually) be his. I wanted to capture the moment I showed him the box, his mouth just dropped and he was so excited. But alas, it's now how many weeks later and my camera shy boy will just not be talked into letting me capture the moment.

So, instead I'm showing the yarn with the sweater. One of the skeins my SP sent me is already almost knit up. I put the sweater aside thinking I had made the armholes too big. Today I measured it on Q, and it was perfect. Apparently once again my mind has not caught up with his growing older. On the other hand, the good news is that I can now finish his sweater without frogging anything.

Thank you again SP for sending this yarn! This sweater will now allow us to remember your generosity every time Q wears it. (the other picture shows Miss Thangs new favorite spot to nap. I recently moved my yarn shelf and she kept pushing some yarn off so she could lay there. I finally gave up and let her have 'her' spot. How can I blame her if she wants to nap by yarn? She's one smart cat!)


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

what a very cool SP! very thoughtful, can't wait to one day see Q sportin' the sweater!

1:51 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

That's so sweet of your Secret Pal! The sweater is looking really good- can't wait to see the modeled shot. ;-) And what an awesome yarn shelf!! I love seeing yarn displayed like that- it reminds me of the LYS. That's one smart cat, alright! She knows the good stuff. ;-) Take care, Michelle! :-)

1:55 AM  
Blogger jessica said...

What a great gift, to you and Q! I too, can't wait to see the end product! If I were as small as your kitty I'd want to lay by yarn all day long;o) That would be the life!

12:34 PM  

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