Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The best toes?

I have discovered a new way of doing my sock toes and I love it. I had seen others do it this way, but being that I'm stubborn and don't like change, it took test knitting to get me to try it.
First I started with a provisional cast-on, but thanks to a tip I followed this video. This makes it so much easier and is quite quick too:

Then I did a short-row toe, my first toe done this way:

(for some reason the left side looks like steps. It's not really that way). I really like how the toe comes out this way. I think in the future I may do the toe shorter.
It is always exciting to learn a new way of doing something, especially when you like doing it the new way better. While trying to share my excitement with someone, I did seem to bore my cat to sleep though:

At least he is snoozing by a knitting book. The question around here now is: are those socks that are started, but not yet finished safe from being frogged? Or will I now want to re-knit them this way?


Blogger candsmom said...

Thank you for the link to the video. I'll have to give it a look, as I am (unfortunately) a creature of habit. I recently did a short-row toe for my son's socks, and I wasn't too fond of it. Judging from your post, maybe I ought to give it another try. Your sock pal's socks are beautiful! She must have loved receiving them! Lace work, too, no less. Thank you, also, for your input about the gift certificate. You're absolutely right...contemplating the possibilities IS really the best part, so I'll stop being neurotic. :)

1:21 AM  

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